3D TRAINING by Procedos -what is that?

Procedos 3D training

Gray Institute® is the world’s foremost authority in Applied Functional Science®–both the convergence and practical application of the Physical, Biological, and Behavioral Sciences – thus providing a logical, systematic process for individualized training and rehabilitation.


This logic and power is infused in Procedos product and education, empowering the practitioner to “up” his / her craft for the benefit of the patients / clients. Techniques are not arbitrary; rather, techniques are logical, practical, and powerful – all facilitated with ease by Procedos, allowing the subconscious Chain Reaction® of the body to happen naturally and successfully!

Applied Functional Science® differentiates the Procedos product and education by providing a common thread throughout, as well as providing an environment where three-dimensional exercise is easily facilitated by Movement Professionals.

Our definition of 3D training is that we do exedrcises in the 3 different movement planes. 


*1 ⏫Forward - ⏬Backwards 

*2 ⏪Sideways⏩

*3 ↪️Rotations↩️ 🔄

We don´t do it always in the same time -but sometimes we can.

We believe in authentic exercises with control and instant feedback in the exercises with our clients.

We train ourself and our clients like individuals  - and always with a purpose.

To create a change in behavior and also get result we believe in easy and progressions with exercises and the chain reactions.