Why Reinforce ?

Strength and conditioning

The purpose with reinforce exercises is to load motion in respect to what is functional for the individual. There is evidence for movement pattern specificity, but we must also think about the general health of the body, for which the loading parameters are often unspesific. 

Reinforce exercises are often characterized by a high rate and/or external load to the tissues. They are also performed directly after we have restored motion. While doing the movement, we are looking for is working without load and with speed we typically load the movement. This is when we must take in consideration what the loading mechanism itself does to the desired movement.


Duration: While working to reinforce exercises, we typically use 6-50 reps, depending on the targeted adaptaton.

Main targets with Procedos P9 exercises REINFORCE

Eccentric demands (increase tolerance of rapid stretch loads)

Dynamic Stabilization


Maximal Rate of Force Development

= Power

With respect to the individual WANTS & NEEDS, we can also apply other strategies:

Concentric focus

Static Stabilization

Maximal TUT

= Other adaptations