Why Restore ?

Procedos purpose with Restore exercises is to gain motion potential. More motion in a joint will lead to other recruitment potential for muscles.

Changes in recruitment of muscles lead to the potential for movement variability.

Restore Exercises are characterized by low-loading (only bodyweight or less) and slow dynamic movements. When restrictions are found, the goal is to work as close to the restriction as possible without going into the restricted angle/depth.

Work around the problem, - not in the problem.

Procedos Platform 9™ provides a framework for measurements and external cues. This makes it easy to track progress in movement ranges, perception of stretch load and so on.


It is vital to understand the individual aspect of restrictions of movements. The restrictions come in many forms – fibrous, neurological, mental and biochemical.

Each of those will change at a different rate. The key is CONSTANT INPUT in the areas we want to change.


  • Individuality & task dependendence
  • Move the segment through multiple angles and circumductions
  • It is a RESTORE+REINFORCE system that is based on the individual’s wants and needs