Health and functionality in focus!?

Health and functionality in focus!?

Let´s hope so!

Orders in the last weeks from a broad spectrum of customers like schools, hospitals, gyms and military forces. Great to see that they all have the same intention; healthy function in focus!


We are happy to deliver our systematic training system to everybody and are proud of getting the trust in orders from all of our customers.

We all have to take care of ourselves, stay healthy and support others in their way of functionality and health. Strength and function when we move in all range of motion.


We have clients from athletes to people who need to get started with their training journey and everybody wants och needs to understand the foundations in healthy lifestyle.


Let´s try focus in the important and bring more fun into the exercises so we have easier to make place for that in our lives.

"Tasks and targets training by Procedos" 

On-line educations is 2020 and we are happy that we started and created the journey with the new and needed technic with Apps and On-line content material with the Live classes we have.