Implementation of Procedos training and strength and conditioning.

Implementation of Procedos S&C

  • There are no ways to directly teach ourselves organizational skills.

  • We can create conditions that optimize the self-regulatory ability to find generally valid principles. This requires knowledge of motor control principles.

  • S&C is a great opportunity to create attractors.

  • Identifying key components of the sports movements is vital in

    devising the athletes’ exercise regimen.

  • Implementation of body part training provides no learning opportunity for contextual movements. Neither do any specific lifting techniques which are commonly practised in many strength training programs.

  • It should be stated, though, that training by body parts will most likely not cause the movements harm in the short term and it might provide other kind of stimuli for the body to adapt to.

  • Focusing on testing is problematic, since sport-specific adaptations do not occur from performing technically rigid drills. Jump testing, for example, has little implications for coordination transfer to sports. It is unrealistic to rely on measurements. Instead we focus on the link between S&C and athletic movement. Having a mental idea – a model of sorts – of how the exercise will be manifested during athletic movement will increase the transfer.

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