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GYMS in Sweden where you can find P.E.One at the schedule.

GYM FACILITY Actic Västerås Actic Avesta Actic Centralbadet Actic Delphinenbadet Actic Falun City Actic Friskvågen Actic Färjestad Actic Gävle Actic Hägersten Stockholm Actic Korsnäs Actic Olympen Actic Sandviken Actic Skövde Actic Sydpoolen Söderttälje Actic Tyresö Actic Uppsala Actic Västervik Alingsås Hälsostudio Campushallen Linköping For a Life of Wellness Fridas Träning Lokalen Skara - Jönköping Friskis & Svettis Jönköping Functional Pre Training GH Training. Gävle Gilla Träna Trelleborg Happy Training by MKA Västerås Herrljunga Kommun Actic Leksandshallen Lindas Fitness Center Mamix träning Movation Träning & Hälsa Nordic Wellness Atlantis Spa Jönköping Nordic Wellness Halmstad Nordic Wellness Halmstad City Nordic Wellness Kungsbacka Nordic Wellness Linköping Tornby Nordic Wellness Malmö Fairplay Nordic Wellness Västerås City Nordic Wellness Örebro Arena NW Örebro PT-Mia Muscles...

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P.E.One -PROOF OF CONCEPT    Procedos have created different tools for the fitness professionals to deliver the best possible exercises to their clients. P.E. One - 3D group training In P.E. One, you'll train your body to handle all the different movements you'll face in your everyday life - and in your sport - in the most optimal way. We use Platform9 which gives you clear goals for what your body wants and needs to develop within. Through the smart design of Platform9, you’ll be guided to involve your entire body in new variations of lunges, squats, lifts, presses, rotations and jumps. Functional, high-intensity, energetic, fun and easy. 
 P.E. One is “Task and Target – Training simplified"   What...

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Procedos education for PT and coaches   Our training is developed through our partnership with the leading player in functional movement and the founders of "Applied Functional Science®", Gray Institute® Based on the principles of "Applied Functional Science", our philosophy of functional training uses a logic that is easy to learn - and even easier to apply. During this education you’ll, among other things, learn more about: The functional exercise spectrum The functional sphere The 10 observational essentials for exercise These concepts are the foundation for creating variability within your functional exercise programming and are easily systematized on the Platform9. Powered by Gray Institute® At Procedos, we always strive to provide the highest quality and up-to-date information about our education...

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