Become a media magnet!


In order to get people to know you/notice you, you need a story.
*Learn to be a ’storyteller’
CREATE: Your hook, your story, your close 
The hook: Something compelling, unique, the thing that stops people in their tracks to see or read what you wrote. EXAMPLES:
*Who would imagine a pandemic could help so many get ahead.
*Watching others do what you feel you should’ve done can be defeating.
*How college makes you fat.
The story: What inspires you to act?  From your hook, your unique tale  hit’s someone’s heart and shows them you have gone from ordinary to extraordinary: Inspirational, tactical, anchor, action….’When I realized my true why,’ ‘When my first publisher trashed my book,’ ‘When my accountant stole all my money,’ ‘When I got so heavy I couldn’t get into my biggest jeans,’ ‘When I gave my last twenty bucks to a begging pregnant woman and it ended up making me millions.' All of these are compelling. They are selling ‘you,’ but your are reaching out and pulling your viewer in.
The close:  At the end of your story, you need  a ‘call to action.’  You must be in authority in your story. You will want to tell people what you want them to do in order to get the results that they want. You will have CTA: Call to action. It could be a purchase. It could be an ask -  asking to be on a podcast, asking to appear on a local news show, or a feature in a video project. Let them know how to proceed. 
This will take time to create. This will take practice. You must be systematic in your approach. Just like ‘reps’ at the gym to create a muscle, you must get your ‘reps’ in to get good at your story. It has to be your most common theme…although you certainly can change your hook/story/close as you move forward.
Media training with the Food and fitness reporter from ABC7 News - Lori Corbin.
The first and only reporter doing her own live reportage and also doing her editing as well.
Eductations with team Procedos is comming.