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The Science and the human shape!

When we think about the forces we can apply to the user of P9 exercise system we would like to vary the stress and overtime make sure all different force applications are tolerated.One component that is more vital than we previously thought is fluid flow. Adult humans have 60-70% water in the body. The interactions with forces create fluid flow that then shapes us both on the outside and on the inside. Every orgran is attached to the spine andspine movement pumps the organs, which again tells us that movement is essential for health.If we look at the traditional way of exercising, it creates a more local pump effect in a specific muscle, but we do not work in that...

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Become a media magnet!

HOW TO GET EYES ON YOU - How? In order to get people to know you/notice you, you need a story. *Learn to be a ’storyteller’   CREATE: Your hook, your story, your close    The hook: Something compelling, unique, the thing that stops people in their tracks to see or read what you wrote. EXAMPLES: *Who would imagine a pandemic could help so many get ahead. *Watching others do what you feel you should’ve done can be defeating. *How college makes you fat.   The story: What inspires you to act?  From your hook, your unique tale  hit’s someone’s heart and shows them you have gone from ordinary to extraordinary: Inspirational, tactical, anchor, action….’When I realized my true why,’ ‘When...

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Movement Variability with procedos Platform9

• We automatically decrease movement variability with given tasks. Performance in many sports is about stiffness in certain regions in certain tasks. If we mobilize the segment, we might hinder performance and increase risk of injury. An example can be an old dancer or an old swimmer who have mobility but who have lost the integrity/stiffness when they stopped doing their sport. • Our goal is to maintain, increase or decrease MV depending on the person and on the task. • We believe that given the right exercise, the system will take care of the MV, as it is a self- regulating system. • In changing MV verbal cues are unlikely to produce a sustained learning environment. We believe that...

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