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P.E.One grupclass training with Procedos Platform9

Post in the Instagram from coach @_fridadahl I'm in love again.  In sweat, skin, endorphins and energy.  In loud music and fighting spirit.  Love to be back at work and kick off the body with lots of exercise now after a nice summer 💙 Love how good it makes you feel.  I am clearly the best version of myself when I activate the body regularly and it Give me response! The picture is after my absolute favourite workout: P.E One.  In that session, strength, explosiveness, reaction and movement in different directions are trained and challenged.  @ahlinjenny you are a genius 🙏 Two things I can say about that class, 1. I ALWAYS have exercise pain the days after.  Says something...

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Checklist for success with clients with Procedos and how to use Platform9

Where is more movement, function needed? We all want to improve movement / function with where? What is right? How can you Use the Procedos Platform9 in your testing and create systematic ways to success? Some questioin we can ask ourself in the coaching. Which movement (s) are working? How do you know that? ( is the test relevant?) To create success is to find compensation patterns, what prevents function? ( Foot-knee-hip-spine-neck-arms etc.) Where is the energy used? Where are the energy thieves? Local structures can affect the massive "spider web" Put out fire Tissue tolerance, even if there is optimal function, we can still be damaged due to the lack of tissue tolerance Checklist for training success with clients...

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Hablemos del entrenamiento funcional- Procedos Platform9

Hablemos del entrenamiento funcional El entrenamiento funcional, o entrenamiento funcional en francés, ayuda a preparar su cuerpo y músculos para las actividades de la vida diaria, evitando lesiones y mejorando su rendimiento físico.Procedos platform9 es un tapete de entrenamiento funcional desarrollado después de muchos años de investigación (en colaboración con el Instituto Gray). Ofrece integrar estrategias de entrenamiento funcional en todos sus entrenamientos para que sea más eficiente a diario. Se usa tanto para la preparación física como para la rehabilitación.El tapete Procedos Platform 9 ™ permite un enfoque simple y sistémico del entrenamiento funcional.Fácil de usar y divertido, rápidamente le brinda beneficios en términos de:Calidad mejorada de tus movimientosMejora tu composición corporalPrevención de lesiones.Con Procedos, ofrezca una experiencia de...

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