Checklist for success with clients with Procedos and how to use Platform9

Where is more movement, function needed?

We all want to improve movement / function with where? What is right?

How can you Use the Procedos Platform9 in your testing and create systematic ways to success?

Some questioin we can ask ourself in the coaching.

  • Which movement (s) are working?
  • How do you know that? ( is the test relevant?)
  • To create success is to find compensation patterns, what prevents function? ( Foot-knee-hip-spine-neck-arms etc.)
  • Where is the energy used?
  • Where are the energy thieves?

  • Local structures can affect the massive "spider web"
  • Put out fire
  • Tissue tolerance, even if there is optimal function, we can still be damaged due to the lack of tissue tolerance

Checklist for training success with clients

  • Release what is hypertonic / overactive / tight and / or compressed
  • Activate what is inhibited and weak
  • Stabilize what is hypermobile, unstable, without or poor motor control
  • Test global movements, seek evidence ( use authentic movement )
  • Test local movements, search to reinforce evidence
  • Forefinger test for dynamic tissue tension
  • Not too much pain, success breeds success
  • Use breathing, pelvic tilt, active and passive movements
  • Have a clear goal with the treatment, the technique, the exercise before you start ( systematic with references Both sides - look for balance!)

Always think of the body in 3 movement planes.

  • Always review injury history and medical conditions.
  • Red flags must be addressed

*Always trust your gut feeling and work systematic with yourself and with clients.

Create it with progressions from:

  • Slow with control and precision.
  • Use larger movements.
  • Challenge with other positions , angles or rotations
  • Add speed and do it faster.
  • Add external load.
  • listen to your body and work in success.
  • Use the referenses and 

"The test is the exercise and the exercise is the test." (*Gary Grey)