P.E.One grupclass training with Procedos Platform9

Post in the Instagram from coach @_fridadahl I'm in love again.  In sweat, skin, endorphins and energy.  In loud music and fighting spirit.  Love to be back at work and kick off the body with lots of exercise now after a nice summer 💙 Love how good it makes you feel.  I am clearly the best version of myself when I activate the body regularly and it Give me response! The picture is after my absolute favourite workout: P.E One.  In that session, strength, explosiveness, reaction and movement in different directions are trained and challenged.  @ahlinjenny you are a genius 🙏 Two things I can say about that class, 1. I ALWAYS have exercise pain the days after.  Says something...

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Procedos training for the individual needs when we are unique.

Procedos sees each INDIVIDUAL as a WHOLE with individual nuances, history and unique asymmetries. Only when we understand the needs of the individual and how these correlate with the principles of nature can we develop specific, individual interventions. Through this process, the ultimate goal is to increase health, an individual FUNCTIONAL health that is unique to the individual. This approach differs from the concept that the organism is a mechanical object, we believe in a neurobiological model - that the body is a self-regulating system. Four primary tissues in the body Epithelial tissue that covers the body's surfaces. Protection, excretion and absorption Muscle - tissue contraction Nerve - tissue for sensitivity and innervation Connective tissue (CT) - support, nutrition, protection,...

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Procedos Platform 9TM Trainer Kurs information.

Herzlich willkommen zum Procedos Platform 9TM Trainer Kurs information. Du kommst in den Genuss eines innovativen Grundlagenkurses, der bewegungsorientiertes dreidimensionales Training so präsentiert und vermittelt, wie es unserer Meinung nach umgesetzt werden sollte. Es werden Dir alle notwendigen theoretischen und praktischen Inhalte vermittelt, die notwendig sind, um das P9 Trainingssystem sinnvoll in Deiner Trainingspraxis einsetzen zu können. Kursziele:  Nach dem Kurs kannst Du alle wichtigen Übungen auf der Platform 9TM anleiten.  Du kannst erklären, warum die Platform 9TM DAS Trainingsmittel ist.  Du kennst die theoretischen Überlegungen, hinter dem Konzept.  Du lernst die ersten spannenden, herausfordernden und lustigen Trainingseinheiten kennen.   Zitate „Der Test ist die Übung und die Übung ist der Test“ – Gary Gray „Es...

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