P.E.One grupclass training with Procedos Platform9

Post in the Instagram from coach @_fridadahl I'm in love again.  In sweat, skin, endorphins and energy.  In loud music and fighting spirit.  Love to be back at work and kick off the body with lots of exercise now after a nice summer 💙 Love how good it makes you feel.  I am clearly the best version of myself when I activate the body regularly and it Give me response! The picture is after my absolute favourite workout: P.E One.  In that session, strength, explosiveness, reaction and movement in different directions are trained and challenged.  @ahlinjenny you are a genius 🙏 Two things I can say about that class, 1. I ALWAYS have exercise pain the days after.  Says something...

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PATENT & TM   Procedos have created a system with instant feedback in the training you can do wherever you are. "We knowed directly when we created th Procedos Platform9 that we should discover and see copycats trying to make shortcuts in the system" The best partners in business was contacted who could help us with the Brand and concept protection from scammers and copies.  With that in mind and tons of investments in protection and security for our partners and customers. Procedos have since then upgraded and added more products with design and content.   Since September 2018 we are also in partnership with Gray Institute who have been in the education business for more then 40 years. Long...

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HOW CAN WE UNLOAD MOVEMENTS? One of the most vital aspects of our exercises is the ability to regress them. Since many movements in our system are authentic but not often conditioned, they sometimes need to be unloaded (restored) before loaded (reinforced). In our restore exercises it is common that we use unloading strategies to get the body to move more efficiently.  When unloading the body with external support, the body tends to give us more motion. Since motion ability is the essence of all movements, it is important to understand this concept. Motion is also the key to stability,  When we have gained new motion with our restore exercises and unloading strategies, we have created an opportunity to reinforce...

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