Load and Explode in functional training with Procedos Platform9

Learn how to load to Expload and to be Explosive!  procedos is adding new trainingprograms so you can learn how to control the Decelerative phase of your movement and to be able to have a power concentric output. The perception of the capacity of absorbing force in the lower limbs allows you to be more efficient in your sport movement and also to have a complete setting of motor control in your life. So you can be ready to cut against your opponents on the field or be ready if you suddenly fall in a little hole while you are walking. Decelerative control it's not only about lower limbs, but it's also about your core and your balance.

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PATENT & TM   Procedos have created a system with instant feedback in the training you can do wherever you are. "We knowed directly when we created th Procedos Platform9 that we should discover and see copycats trying to make shortcuts in the system" The best partners in business was contacted who could help us with the Brand and concept protection from scammers and copies.  With that in mind and tons of investments in protection and security for our partners and customers. Procedos have since then upgraded and added more products with design and content.   Since September 2018 we are also in partnership with Gray Institute who have been in the education business for more then 40 years. Long...

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Hablemos del entrenamiento funcional- Procedos Platform9

Hablemos del entrenamiento funcional El entrenamiento funcional, o entrenamiento funcional en francés, ayuda a preparar su cuerpo y músculos para las actividades de la vida diaria, evitando lesiones y mejorando su rendimiento físico.Procedos platform9 es un tapete de entrenamiento funcional desarrollado después de muchos años de investigación (en colaboración con el Instituto Gray). Ofrece integrar estrategias de entrenamiento funcional en todos sus entrenamientos para que sea más eficiente a diario. Se usa tanto para la preparación física como para la rehabilitación.El tapete Procedos Platform 9 ™ permite un enfoque simple y sistémico del entrenamiento funcional.Fácil de usar y divertido, rápidamente le brinda beneficios en términos de:Calidad mejorada de tus movimientosMejora tu composición corporalPrevención de lesiones.Con Procedos, ofrezca una experiencia de...

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