Movement Variability with procedos Platform9

We automatically decrease movement variability with given tasks. Performance in many sports is about stiffness in certain regions in certain tasks. If we mobilize the segment, we might hinder performance and increase risk of injury.

An example can be an old dancer or an old swimmer who have mobility but who have lost the integrity/stiffness when they stopped doing their sport.

Our goal is to maintain, increase or decrease MV depending on the person and on the task.

We believe that given the right exercise, the system will take care of the MV, as it is a self- regulating system.

In changing MV verbal cues are unlikely to produce a sustained learning environment. We believe that the exercise should teach the person the optimal strategy.

Tradition has talked about “noise” or “error of data”. But freedom and stimulus will lead to order.

• Procedos Platform 9 is designed to train MV and to let people find the optimal strategy on their own.