Procedos training and Strength and Conditioning Research

Procedos training represents reasoning based on science, as well as on practice.

This is necessary to explore new potential strategies for S&C. After years and years of practice in the field of S&C, we feel that there are many things that should change.

The vital component of that is PRACTICE. How to direct and organize training is therefore not only science, but a special skill which can be viewed as intuition fed by experience. In our view this is a very important part of being a good coach.

It is also one that can not be learned, but has to be experienced – a process that takes time.

Our goal with this course is to shorten this time-consuming phase and throw out the things that have not worked – not scientifically , not logically, and, in our experience, not in practice, either.

It is crucial to be led by science, experience and logical reasoning.

There are certainly a huge number of factors that play a part in training, and they influence each other in highly complex ways.

There is therefore a great need for insight into which factors are vital in a given training situation and which are not.