Procedos summit 2019 in Stockholm

Procedos summit with the launch of the new class concept P.E.Performance and the releaseparty of P.E.One no :6 

P.E. Performance is here. And the results you want.

P.E Performance gives you the best training session to develop your results.

P.E. Performance is a group training class where you develop your muscle strength in 3D training with a focus on endurance, power and explosive.

”P.E. Performance" gives you the results you want and more!

Are you ready?

What is P.E. One - 3D group training?

During a 45-min P.E. One-class, you will work in all three planes of motion in an efficient and fun way. We move the whole body as a unit.

The instructor is your guide who with a safe hand, good technique and awesome energy will make you load and explode right up to the end! We promise you a high-intensity class with sweat and pulse!