Procedos 10 Observational Essentials

Procedos 10 Observational Essentials

10 Observational Essentials or Variations

  • Action - This is the type of exercise you are performing Environment - The location the exercise is taking place
  • Position - Refers to the beginning position of the exercise
  • Distance - The horizontal vector of an exercise
  • Load - external mass or resistance to load the body
  • Rate - tempo at which the exercise is performed
  • Duration - The amount of time or repetitions the exercise will occur

By manipulating the 10 variations we can create a strategy that provides a 360 degree approach to cover all the variability bases related to a client’s wants.


Whether an everyday person looking to improve movement quality, or an athlete looking to fine tune performance, the exercises in function should be created to resemble the movements needed to reinforce the activity desired to be accomplished.


R2 - Reinforce Programming

Accomplish Wants

When working through the REINFORCE section, it is critical to cover all your bases, given the principle of 3D. Any functional task a client wishes to accomplish takes place in all three planes of motion. Sagittal, frontal and transverse.


First, select your exercise. Based off the clients wants and the principle of 3D, apply the variations that will enhance the clients success. The variations built into the dots will cover all three planes as you change your foot and arm positions.


Logical Sequencing

The platform takes into account environment, direction, and distance when manipulating variations. After deciding the height, program one new variation into each set with considering the specific client goal.