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Periodise Linear Periodisation

    PeriodiseLinear Periodisation For years, athletes and dedicated performance people have periodised their training to reachtheir goals. By periodising their training, they have a clear plan to reach their personal goal,which can be anything from a World Cup win or a specific date when you want to be in thebest form of your life.Periodisation means that you have a systematic way of working to vary your training toachieve progressive results. Today we know that variation in training gives us a strong andinjury-free body, which periodisation more or less ensures that we get. The most importantparameter for achieving it, is for everyone with high goals to be injury-free.The traditional way to look at periodisation of fitness sports, cardio training and...

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PROCEDOS LAUNCH OF THE WALL9 8TH OF NOVEMBER  2019 The launch of the Procedos Wall9 was in Gothenburg at the Sankt Jörgen Park facility together with several internatioinal guests. The Procedos Mater trainer education was the place for the launch of the new product of Procedos. The Team and the participants had plenty of time to test and try the new "combination tool" for testing / assessment but also training. The exercises with Medballs , jump, reload or rect exercises with Wall9 is creating a new level of understanding for the chainreactions in the body, but also makes it more fun to do the exercises. Tasks and target traing!    

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Procedos 10 Observational Essentials

Procedos 10 Observational Essentials 10 Observational Essentials or Variations Action - This is the type of exercise you are performing Environment - The location the exercise is taking place Position - Refers to the beginning position of the exercise Distance - The horizontal vector of an exercise Load - external mass or resistance to load the body Rate - tempo at which the exercise is performed Duration - The amount of time or repetitions the exercise will occur By manipulating the 10 variations we can create a strategy that provides a 360 degree approach to cover all the variability bases related to a client’s wants.   Whether an everyday person looking to improve movement quality, or an athlete looking to fine...

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