Forces "and how we look at our body"?


We have an illusion of the skeletons that hangs in the classroom.

One bone on top of the other! 


So we think of the skeleton as a solid frame work on which the muscel works on, - but it not that way.

- The bones float in the soft tissue. Therefore we need to think differently when it comes to movement health and training.

Building a house is based on compressional forces. The human organism is not a house since its shape is based on compression and tensional forces. Traditional strength training really heavily on compression forces, which is only one of the foundations.


Procedos P9 Exercises system rely on how the forces acting together since this is more functional and authentic.


• Compression • Tension

Since we understand the nature of that ”different” forces acting upon us in life and sports we need to train to have resilliance against these forces. Therefore Procedos P9 Exercise system take those in consideration when chosing exercises for every movement.