The role of specificity in S&C and systematic use of Procedos Platform9

The role of specificity in S&C

  • Too much specificity will eventually create injury.

  • General movements create more balance in the movement system.

  • Athletes are not necessarily learning specific movements, they are learning the pillars of general movement literacy.

  • Planning the sport training itself with the S&C is vital for exercise choice.

  • In our training methodology we use ~20% “specific” exercises and 80% unspecific*


The role of specificity in S&C

  • Specificity might be a shortcut

  • Goal is to produce longevity AND

performance, not just performance

  • Specificity is complex

  • Variety is needed to deepen certain attractors of movement

We do not attempt to create the same exact environment as the

sport itself, but something close enough. Sometimes structure- specificity is enough. Procedos gives the instant feedback and control for your next step in your training. 

  • Think of slicing the movements and training them in parts.

  • When fatigued in one movement, we can change and create other overload stimulus.