What is 3d training?

Movement in three dimensions has existed for as long as we has been able to move.

This means that we can move our bodies forward, backward, sideways and rotate. So it is nothing new but "just a label" we put on different types of movements to be able to call it 3D training.

Everything in the body moves three-dimensionally all the time when we move. Everything from the legs in the foot to the muscles and tissues and more - everything can move forwards, backwards, sideways and rotate.-Mobility and stability.

It moves all the time and needs to be able to do it for the body to function. Then there is always a plane that moves more dominantly, but all three planes always move.

Many people believe that 3D training is about doing variations of outcomes in different directions, such as forwards or sideways, or doing exercises and applying a rotation.

That type of exercise is only a small part of it all and it is very much more than that which is included in the 3D training. However, it is a good start to get some variation and not just drive for example outcomes forward. The form of training has also received some criticism and much of what is said is usually about misunderstandings.

It is said that 3D training is only about training for extreme situations, which is absolutely not true. If it were the case that we only trained extreme positions, we would all have get injury and broken down.

By extreme positions is meant training where the body extends to the maximum, or where you are the weakest. 3D training is more about getting the body to move in a way that it is made to move.

Thus, to make everything inside the body move in three dimensions. But we are, what they call it, forward creatures, which means that we are created in such a way that our eyes sit forward on the head that makes us want to move forward.

This means that most of the movements / exercises will be in that direction, but to get optimal function in the body, we all need to move in 3D.


If you think that you are doing golf, for example, or have a sedentary job, it is a good idea to try to find exercises where you move the opposite way when you train at the gym.

If you have a sedentary job, it is not a good idea to get to the gym by car and then get on a spinning bike and then get home again by car. In this case, it is better to let the body move three-dimensionally with, for example, a lunge in three planes, ie forward, backward, sideways and with rotation, to get variation and health to all joints.

Especially if you really like cycling and do not want to stop, it is very important to get variety for the body in other sessions. That said, 3D training is significantly much more than what we just went through and more about it in future posts.