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Let's talk about functional training and progressions with Procedos Platform9

Let's talk about functional training!  Functional training, helps prepare your body and muscles for activities of daily living, both by avoiding injuries and by improving your physical performance. Procedos platform9 is a functional training mat developed after many years of research (in collaboration with the Gray Institute). It offers to integrate Functional Training strategies into all your workouts to be more efficient on a daily basis. It is used as much for physical preparation as for rehabilitation. The Procedos Platform 9 ™ mat allows a simple and systemic approach to functional training. Easy to use & fun, it quickly brings you benefits in terms of: Improved quality of your movements Improving your body composition Prevention of injuries.   With Procedos,...

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What is 3d training?

Movement in three dimensions has existed for as long as we has been able to move. This means that we can move our bodies forward, backward, sideways and rotate. So it is nothing new but "just a label" we put on different types of movements to be able to call it 3D training. Everything in the body moves three-dimensionally all the time when we move. Everything from the legs in the foot to the muscles and tissues and more - everything can move forwards, backwards, sideways and rotate.-Mobility and stability. It moves all the time and needs to be able to do it for the body to function. Then there is always a plane that moves more dominantly, but all...

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Procedos Platform9 launch 2015

The company Procedos AB was founded in May 2015 The Procedos name stands for * PROCEED ( KEEP MOVING, CONTINUE ) * PROACTIVE & PROFESSIONAL * "DOS" in the end of the name : "BODY AND SOUL" Procedos Visions is. "To create a Interactive , inspiring environment for strenth and conditioning , Restore ,Reinforce and React exercises but also for learning , communication and rehab. The Procedos products are easy to use and it´s for everybody in their own physical standards levels." In the beginning of 2015 the Product Manager Jens Derwinger started to develop the products and in september 2015 they launched a product called Procedos Platform9™. The product have since then been produced in different models to fit...

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