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P.E. Performance-coach understandings and knowledge.

As a P.E. Performance-coach, you need to understand the different stages of learning for the participants: Level 1 • Delay response and reaction • Clumsy • Stop and think • The participants experience frustration • No consistency in the movements • Increased gains in performance • We need to allow them to start from here Level 2 • Internal cues important • Thinking while excecuting the movement • Refined movement • Focus & concentration • Consistent in movements Level 3 • Increased motor skills • Paying attention to other things like music and other participants • Procedos Atmosphere

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Procedos On-line education is up at the homepage

BECOME CERTIFIED PROCEDOS TRAINER ! Procedos certified education is developed through the partnership with the leading player in functional movement and the founders of"Applied Functional Science®", Gray Institute®.6 hours Online education in functional training.On-line certified PROCEDOS EDUCATION BECOME CERTIFIED PROCEDOS TRAINER  6 HOURS OF ON-LINE EDUCATION IN FUNCTIONAL TRAINING MAKE FUNCTION SIMPLE. Don’t mistake simple for stupid. Our Procedos Platform9 education is powered by the world leader in functional exercise, the Gray institute. Guided by the principles of AFS, our task driven system of functional exercise utilizes a logic that is easy to learn, and even easier to apply.   Begin by learning the concepts of:    The functional exercise spectrum  The functional sphere  The 10 observational essentials for exercise    These...

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