Welcome to the Platform 9™ by Procedos.

Welcome to the Platform 9™ Trainer Course by Procedos

You are about to experience an innovative and foundational course in movement training! This course will give you all the essential information and practical interventions on how to use the P9 exercise system. The course objectives are:

  • -Be able to explain the benefits of the platform to your clients and it’s application to real life
  • -Gain a basic understanding of the science behind procedos
  • Learn about the functional sphere and I.V.S. principles
  • -Design and instruct a customized program using p9 platform.

The P9 exercise system is a fundamental tool that can help its users enhance their desired skills. Those skills can be anything from a sport that involves a ball or a sport that involves running and multidirectional movements, to Olympic lifting and even everyday activity.


Training in the functional sphere gives us the fundamentals which we can then transfer to skills.


The framework for skills is in the foundation. But the importance of building a foundation isn’t important just for fine-tuning the skills themselves – we need it simply to maintain good health. A strong, solid foundation helps us get in our car, throw a ball, bend down to tie our shoelaces etc.

Our mission with Functional Sphere fundamental training is to make the body effective in using skills in many different ways. Not only does the body become even more efficient in the specific technique applied, but ultimately it also lets the body spread out the stress over different joints and soft tissues.

We want to build up resources in the body for movement capacity. Practicing the fundamentals in the functional sphere gives us a very good transferability to meet the demands of all the environments we interact with.