The goal of this review is to describe the

PROCEDOS PLATFORM9 Trainer, the scientific basis of functional training as it applies to 

PROCEDOS PLATFORM9 Training bodyweight exercise and the practical applications from injury to high performance.

By leveraging bodyweight and manipulating ones stability, 

PROCEDOS PLATFORM9 can scale intensity across a continuum of low to high loads and stable to unstable positions. Functional exercise as performed on the

PROCEDOS PLATFORM9 Trainer can be used to rehabilitate musculoskeletal injuries or disabilities, prevent injuries, promote health and fitness and enhance performance.

Key findings regarding the benefits of PROCEDOS PLATFORM9 Training or instability training include:



Effective in reducing the risk of injuries. o Lower limb injuries by 39%.
o Acute knee injuries by 54%.
o Ankle sprain injuries by 50%.

o Recurrence of ankle sprain decreases two-fold.

o ACL injuries by 88%.
Effective in improving health and fitness.

o  PROCEDOS PLATFORM9 Training meets the Surgeon Generals guidelines for moderate physical activity.


PROCEDOS PLATFORM9 Training can promote weight loss and reduce disease risk.  Suspension Training is safe and effective in reducing fall risk.
o Instability training provides a greater variety of training experiences without

sacrificing strength, balance and functional performance measures. Effective in improving performance.

o Vertical jump height increases 9%.
o Hockey players improve skating speed.
o Golfers improve performance.
o 5000 meter runners decrease their time by 47 seconds. o Military service members improve fitness test scores.