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easy and fun with Procedos Platform9 into pe classes.

Easy learning and understanding and in the same fun to make it with targets.   The PE versions is spreading with Procedos Platform9 when more techers and coaches uses the tools in their classes. With the easy tasks and targets drives the students around and gets different drivers and instructions.  With the bodyweight training and also their other favorite tools like weights or balls etc it combines or adds more fun to the exercises. Pure joy and also have the references connected to the training is a great and also way to clear and create progressions in the skills.  Procedos have soon the launch of the training programs and apps for everybody to get access to the best workout.

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Procedos eductaion in São Paulo Brazil 7-8th of March

7-8th of March in São Paulo in Brazil is the place for the first Procedos education in South America The team of educators and presenters with Santiago Maccarty, Thiago Carneirinho and Thiago Passos are ready with assistance from Jason and Marissa Hamera.    Functional training with results for athletes in manyb different sports. Grow glutes get better fit or stronger in the positions you need to be strong in. Procedos Platform9 is the training tool you need to have progression in your athletic performance.  GET ON IT!

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Procedos education material with credits from NASM and AFAA

The Procedos courses is NASM, AFAA and ACE CEU approved ! Created to solve Problems. Procedos is your solution to make functional exercise simple. Featuring a unique task and target environment, powered by Applied Functional Science form Gray Institute, experience how easy it becomes to cue clients externally through unlimited variations of functional exercise.   You are the MVP and Procedos provides a platform for you to receive real time visual feedback. Learn to make adjustments to form, and safely increase the intensity or quickly regress an exercise to allow for more success.   Systematically program any individual or group through the R3 model, developed to logically accomplish your clients needs and wants.  

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