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PROCEDOS PLASTFORM9  Platform9 is a floor mat with 9 numbered dots strategically positioned in different lengths, widths and angels to mimic variables in functional movements. This provides a lot of options to move within a functional sphere. When using P9, task based exercises can be prescribed to reinforce and strengthen movement function is all planes of motion; such as lunges, hops, push-up and reach movements that helps to train your body for both function and performance.   The P9 mat itself can be easily folded and stored away to be used almost anywhere. This also makes it a great companion for travel workouts.

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Procedos On-line education is up at the homepage

BECOME CERTIFIED PROCEDOS TRAINER ! Procedos certified education is developed through the partnership with the leading player in functional movement and the founders of"Applied Functional Science®", Gray Institute®.6 hours Online education in functional training.On-line certified PROCEDOS EDUCATION BECOME CERTIFIED PROCEDOS TRAINER  6 HOURS OF ON-LINE EDUCATION IN FUNCTIONAL TRAINING MAKE FUNCTION SIMPLE. Don’t mistake simple for stupid. Our Procedos Platform9 education is powered by the world leader in functional exercise, the Gray institute. Guided by the principles of AFS, our task driven system of functional exercise utilizes a logic that is easy to learn, and even easier to apply.   Begin by learning the concepts of:    The functional exercise spectrum  The functional sphere  The 10 observational essentials for exercise    These...

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Procedos education material with credits from NASM and AFAA

The Procedos courses is NASM, AFAA and ACE CEU approved ! Created to solve Problems. Procedos is your solution to make functional exercise simple. Featuring a unique task and target environment, powered by Applied Functional Science form Gray Institute, experience how easy it becomes to cue clients externally through unlimited variations of functional exercise.   You are the MVP and Procedos provides a platform for you to receive real time visual feedback. Learn to make adjustments to form, and safely increase the intensity or quickly regress an exercise to allow for more success.   Systematically program any individual or group through the R3 model, developed to logically accomplish your clients needs and wants.  

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