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easy and fun with Procedos Platform9 into pe classes.

Easy learning and understanding and in the same fun to make it with targets.   The PE versions is spreading with Procedos Platform9 when more techers and coaches uses the tools in their classes. With the easy tasks and targets drives the students around and gets different drivers and instructions.  With the bodyweight training and also their other favorite tools like weights or balls etc it combines or adds more fun to the exercises. Pure joy and also have the references connected to the training is a great and also way to clear and create progressions in the skills.  Procedos have soon the launch of the training programs and apps for everybody to get access to the best workout.

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Procedos On-line education is up at the homepage

BECOME CERTIFIED PROCEDOS TRAINER ! Procedos certified education is developed through the partnership with the leading player in functional movement and the founders of"Applied Functional Science®", Gray Institute®.6 hours Online education in functional training.On-line certified PROCEDOS EDUCATION BECOME CERTIFIED PROCEDOS TRAINER  6 HOURS OF ON-LINE EDUCATION IN FUNCTIONAL TRAINING MAKE FUNCTION SIMPLE. Don’t mistake simple for stupid. Our Procedos Platform9 education is powered by the world leader in functional exercise, the Gray institute. Guided by the principles of AFS, our task driven system of functional exercise utilizes a logic that is easy to learn, and even easier to apply.   Begin by learning the concepts of:    The functional exercise spectrum  The functional sphere  The 10 observational essentials for exercise    These...

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Procedos Platform content from Australia

“I was fortunate enough to be sent a Procedos mat to trial with me and my clients training. I have also used it at courses I coach. It is a great way to introduce variability into training sessions.It is particularly useful I have found for two things:1. It is a great way to highlight foot positioning and angles of joints when performing standing or ground based movements. 2. It is a great tool for introducing variability without emotional anxiety for people who are very used to traditional training methodologies. This is a huge win for such a simple tool. “ – Andrew "Chaddy" Chadwick , Movement Coach, Instructor PTA Global, TRX,  (Maleny, QLD).

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